September 22, 2021

A logo Is Not Love At First Sight


Posted by Sharmarke Hujale


1 min read

"I don’t love it, but maybe it’ll grow on me", said the former CEO and co-founder of Nike Phil Knight, when he was first presented with one of the world's most iconic marks made by Carolyn Davidson.

One of the most challenging things about making a logo is to think you should love it right away. Especially when it comes to presenting it to a client.

They think that they have to love the logo right away. We (designers) think that the client needs to love the logo presented to them right away.

If we looked at the world's most iconic marks like Nike, Apple, Star Bucks, Amazon, etc. How did they become famous and recognizable? Were they loved instantly? Probably not. Besides being great marks, a big part of it was that they were being used—consistently across platform.

We favor instant gratification over the long term. "Consistency of effort over the long run is everything.", said Angela Duckworth. It's true with everything in life, and the same thing can be in logo design.

Sagi Haviv said: "it's never love at first sight. A good logo, a good trademark, gains meaning and power over time."

When we view logos as part of a long-term strategy, and making a conscious decision to use it consistently, will we experience the power of a great logo.

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