May 26, 2023

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Hey friends!

This is my first monthly issue. The idea is that at the end of each month, I will share discoveries, insights, and lessons that I think you will find some benefit from.

I have never done this before. So it’s going to be very interesting. Hopefully, with feedback from you guys, I have a better idea of how things turned out. It will be much appreciated to hear your thoughts after you’ve read it.

The way I want to go about the first one will be me asking questions that I’ve to answer for myself. I find that easier to do. Because I’m kinda forced to reflect when it’s formulated as a question. Rather than formulated as a statement. These questions might change over time.

What was the most challenging experience this month, and how did I overcome it?

I would say moving to another town. I’ve never met anyone loving the idea of moving. I certainly don’t. But I had to. Because my wife and I wanted to live closer to our families. And also for our daughter to be close to them. That was the primary reason. Also to have a bigger space. Which I love. That meant I could have a small office.

But when it came to the actual task at hand. It’s a bothersome process with a lot of planning. And you need an overview of a lot of things so don’t get lost. Like we needed to know who could help us at what time, but we had a deadline to deliver the keys. And also who is working on what.

What made it more challenging was because of my autoimmune condition. I had a hard time because of my balance. It was hard for me to work hard and long hours. I would get tired quicker than I used to, and also I am more receptive to other diseases because of the medication. So a lot of times, I had to pump the adrenaline in my body in order to work more. It made me in the short term forget about my condition.

My tasks were mostly preparing the boxes at the place we were moving out from. Even though we lived in a small apartment. It was surprising how much stuff we had to prepare. The process of doing that started in late April, but really began to take its turn at the beginning of May.

I remember I had to sacrifice Eid (which is an Islamic celebration after the month of Ramadan) with family and friends. I spent those days preparing and setting the foundation for the day when we would have to move all our stuff from one apartment to another. I ended up getting a cold, and my right eye started to become red (inflammation). It was extremely challenging work in that condition, but I just ignored my symptoms to get the job done. I don’t if you would call that pure stupidity LOL.

Luckily, the actual moving process was smooth. We were done in an hour and a half. Everyone was happy about it. It was all due to the sheer amount of planning that went into it.

I had the mindset I would rather come 10 minutes early to a meeting. Rather than being 5 minutes late. That’s what kept me going. And eventually when we were done. I could relax and recover from my illness. It took me about two days to be able to do anything again.

What has been the most enlightening lesson or insight I've learned this month?

Probably that would be a bit more relaxed in the process in the moving process. Because it was easy for me to put myself in a position of stress, all the time. Which wasn’t healthy for me. It was a bad habit of mine. And also when I get into super focus mode. It was easy for me to shut down the outside world. Which meant I wasn’t very receptive to advice during that period. My wife was calm during that period. I wasn’t because I felt I didn’t have the necessary overview that she had.

If I had communicated with her. I’d have taken things a bit slower and learned to relax. Which I learned the hard way. It’s easy to forget. Communication is important. Especially when planning to move out. It’s not a joke when they say it takes two for a tango. You think you’ve it all figured out. But you don’t. And you’re not alone in this. Which I also had to learn. Another bad habit of mine is when things get really pressured. I’m trying to do a lot of stuff, alone. Trying to ease the burden of others. But it’s a self-sabotage thing to do.

It’s about finding the balance. Have clear communication. Define key roles. When to take a break, and when to work.

Was there a resource (book, article, podcast, video, etc.) that significantly impacted me this month, and why?

Since I was in the process of moving out. I haven’t really had the time or the energy to read books. But most of my time has been watching videos on Youtube. Especially a video about David Goggins. It was by accident that I ended up watching his video. David Goggins is known for being a tough man that does crazy things. He’s a retired Navy Seal and is an Endurance Athlete. He talks a lot about the power of the mind. How to unshackle it, and win the war within. Literally, when you watch just one video from him. You start to question yourself. Am I doing enough? What lame excuses do I for not doing things? What I like about his mentality is that he says things straightforwardly without holding back, and he has his experience to back it up.

And what he portrayed online is exactly the same as in person. Which just makes it crazier when you think about it. So, you could say after listening to him a bunch of times on YouTube. I hear his voice inside my head. You can’t hate the man. Because he is not a fraud. If pure willpower was a person. It would be David Goggins. If you start to dislike the guy. The chances are that what he is saying is true, and in reality, what you dislike is the situation you’re in. What he says is like a big punch to the stomach or a hard slap to the face.

It really pushed me. Beyond my limits. Watch this video, about how he became “that guy”. And you will know why.

What am I looking forward to in the upcoming month?

More time for relaxation, and really go back to focus on health and well-being again. I think my body really needs it. I didn’t have the luxury at the beginning of the month. And I did expect that. So hopefully, in the upcoming month, I will have more time for taking care of my body.

I’m also looking forward to start reading again. I bought a book called, “Think BIG” by Dr. Grace Lordan. It’s about taking small steps and building the future you want. I had to buy it after watching it on YouTube from Ali Abdaal on, how to find a career you genuinely love. I also bought another book, but it’s in Danish by Martin Thorborg, an entrepreneur. The book is called when translated, “Create Your Own Success - rules of living that can take you far.”

I’m also looking forward to focusing on a new business venture with a friend of mine. We have slowly built it in the background in the midst of everything. But it will get its proper care from now on. What I can say is that the business will focus on creativity as its core business. I will share more about it later on.

What about you?

If you want to, I’d encourage you to also take these questions and reflect on them. I’d love to hear your insights or what valuable resource impacted you. And also what are you looking forward to in the upcoming month?

Quote of the month

Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right
— Henry Ford

Until next time,

Stay inspired!


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