July 22, 2021

Brand Inspiration: Ahmad Tea


Posted by Sharmarke Hujale


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Ahmad Tea is a family-owned company, founded by Mr. Rahim Afshar and his brothers. It was founded on a passion for making the finest of tea, and they are dedicated to inspiring the love of tea in people. 

I drink both coffee and tea, but my choice always lands on Ahmad Tea when it comes to tea. And if I drink another type of tea. My brain would remind me of the sweet flavor from Ahmad Tea, and then I would start craving it. 

It’s my favorite tea, and it’s something that would always be at my family house. Once I got married, I would spend the evenings with my wife drinking tea, but then I was reminded of how much I miss Ahmad Tea, the sweet aroma. The next time we went out to buy groceries at the local shop, I made sure to buy one — and I did. 

Though I have always drunk the tea, I have never visited their website or checked out their online presence. I’m no expert when it comes to tea, but I was inspired by the founder's love for his craft. 

“The very characteristic of the tea is that it gets people together”, said Mr. Rahim Afshar about the story of Ahmad Tea. “I would not sell anything that I would not drink at home.” That shows the persistence and hardworking attitude in innovating the best possible product. 

“Teaching doesn’t mean instant competition.”, said Austin Kleon, the author of Show Your Work. The Ahmad Tea team does not hide its ingredients, it’s all available on their website — if you want to inspire people, you don’t do it by hiding your secrets. 

They see themselves as artists — as the artist puts their blood, sweat, and tears into mastering their art. They are continually pushing the boundaries to innovate and expand their product blends. They know what it takes, and you can experience who Ahmad Tea truly is in the video below: 

Ahmed Tea Campaign — We Know What It Takes to Be An Artist

“Plants have given us so much without taking from us, and this is why we give away part of our profit to charities around the world”, said Mr. Rahim Afshar about how blessed we human beings are, and the responsibility of the company to give back to communities around the world. 

In short, What We Can Learn From Ahmad Tea:

  • The importance of mastering your craft— it takes heart, soul, and devotion.
  • As much as you take, the more you should give back — take responsibility and do the work.
  • Have the mindset of an artist — always look for ways to do more. 

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