June 9, 2023

Find Beauty in Everyday Life


Posted by Sharmarke Hujale


2 min read

I’m a designer by profession. And as a designer, I’ve learned that my job isn’t only about making pretty stuff. it’s also about appreciating and highlighting the beauty in the ordinary. It’s about turning the simple lines, shapes, and colors we encounter every day into something meaningful and impactful.

The world is filled with beauty, often hiding in plain sight, waiting for us to take notice. We get so caught up in life that we overlook the beauty of life that surrounds us each day. Once we shift our perspective. We can transform the mundane into the extraordinary.

Take the classic example of a sunset. It’s an everyday occurrence that we may often ignore, yet when we stop and appreciate it. We’re reminded of nature’s incredible design palette. We get a mix of warm hues that no design software can truly replicate. The natural gradients, the gentle blending of colors, and the play of light and shadows. It’s a lesson in color theory right in front of our eyes.

Even the layout of a newspaper, the pattern of a manhole cover, or the typography on a street sign. There’s an underlying system. An order. A rhythm that can only be appreciated when we take a moment to observe. That’s why I always take pictures of everything that I find interesting. And there’s a lot of it. Probably that’s why I’ve almost no selfies on my phone.

The more you do the action of observing. The more inspiration you’re getting. You have more input to make great output. I’ve got a challenge for you to find beauty in the everyday. Take a moment to look around. Observe the details. Find the patterns and symmetries in places you least expect. Appreciate the contrast, the colors, and the textures. As designers, we must continue cultivating this ability to see beauty in the everyday—it fuels our creativity and informs our designs.

Design isn’t just about creating beauty. It’s about recognizing it. Appreciating it, and harnessing it to create experiences that resonate with people. So, let’s remind ourselves to stop, look around, and find the beauty in the ordinary.

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