September 1, 2021

Ideas Are Like Dreams, Capture Them


Posted by Sharmarke Hujale


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Chances for ideas to arrive are endless, almost unpredictable. It could be when you were out on a grocery trip, and while waiting in line, an idea just hit you that you couldn't get when you were at your desk moments ago.

It's actually funny, that most ideas don't come from sitting on the desk, but when you least expect them. Imagine, you have this great idea, but you're not in your office at the moment.

Simon Sinek said: "Ideas are like dreams; they will disappear unless we record them. Write a book, a blog, build a company, anything that makes the ideas real." It's just like when you woke up from a dream, and after a few minutes (maybe even seconds), you have forgotten all about it.

Luckily, there are ways to capture the idea(s) before it's too late. Good fashion old paper and pen. I use Field Notes that fits perfectly in my jacket pocket. You can make a quick sketch or note, it will be easier to recollect later on. Otherwise, digital tools like Trello (I personally use) or Notion works too.

The catch is to get your ideas out of your head—you will thank yourself later instead of struggling to remember them. Ideas are born out of your curiosity for things. Without being curious about what's around you, you can't expect new ideas to come and capture them.

There's a passage from the book Think! that I get reminded about when I lose my sense of curiosity:

Be a sponge. Be open to all the stimulus around—everything can help you. Look at everything. Wonder at its structure. Its material. Its purpose. Its place.

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