December 22, 2021

Personal Brand = Your Reputation


Posted by Sharmarke Hujale


1 min read

Rob Brown says in this Ted Talk that a reputation is what people see, think, feel, do and say when they are coming into contact with you or your name. "That's your good name. That's people talking about you when you are not there."

Whether you are liking it or not, you're either building upon your personal brand (reputation) or ruining it.

A personal brand is what builds the brand of a business. That's why I believe it's important that employees become ambassadors for the company that they are working with.

"People buy from people they trust. And they trust people they like.", said Garrison Wynn. No wonder why we look at reviews to see if a product is worth considering or a movie worth watching.

Building our personal brand gives us the opportunity to share our stories with our own voice through different platforms. We also get to display our values, and what matters most to us.

Nurturing your personal brand is important—that applies to in the context of applying for a job, meeting people at a conference, or a new client for your business.

Creative entrepreneur Roberto Blake has a video out on his channel where he talks about how to build a personal brand from scratch—go and check it out!

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