Changing the Environment With One Package Per Stop Deliveries


At its core

ScandiPost is a parcel/freight delivery startup company based in Denmark. They value sustainable solutions for companies that want to offer sustainable solutions to their customers.

The mission

Customers expect same-day delivery, and companies lose revenue if this is not offered. Especially now that Amazon is entering the Danish market. The mission was to position the startup company correctly from the start and create a brand that expresses confidence and stability in its nature and is environmentally friendly in its approach.

The outcome

We helped ScandiPost create a positioning statement and designed their visual identity from the ground up by capturing the company’s excitement and value in a new logo and brand guidelines.

Scope of project

Logo and ID

The strategy

We were able to pick out and refine key aspects of the brand through various exercises in our discovery session. In collaboration with the owner of ScandiPost, we created a strategy for the brand’s presence in the market.

During a one-day facilitated session, we found out who their desired target audience is, as well as their challenges, goals and what possible solutions the company can offer them. Through the process, we brainstormed and prioritized the goals of the business and the needs of the target audience. This became the cornerstone for the project ahead.

Define the brand

By defining the brand we create an objective guide as a channel for the company’s future decisions. It is to ensure whether the decision being made can make or break the brand.

Desired target audience

In our discovery workshop, we were able to identify who their desired target audience is by creating user profiles to gain empathy and a clear overview of their needs, demographics, background story, needs, and how to accommodate them.

Naming process

It is always a challenge to come up with a good name for a company that is easy to write, pronounce and remember - but most importantly is accessible and unregistered. Another criterion for finding a good name was that it has to be relevant and appropriate for the desired audience.

Visual design direction

We got a clear picture of who their customers are, their needs, and how we can accommodate them. This was extremely important for the work process and planning. For that, we created 3 stylescapes that show the direction of how the brand could look and feel visually.

A stylescape is a collection of “found” images from the internet such as typography, photography, colors, patterns, existing identity systems, which are combined together to help build a visual direction for a brand’s desired future.

The logo design process

After a very intense process of research and sketching, we came up with a logo design we were delighted with. It was important for us to create a logo that is simple, distinct from the competitors, and versatile in large as well as small context.

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