A fun, interactive game solution for a local museum exhibition on medical history

Please Don't Let Me Die

Steno Museum is a Danish Cultural History Museum located in the University Park in Aarhus. It contains various of exhibitions, including a new one on medical history with four different rooms that are recreation from years ago.

The problem

The problem the museum was facing was that the exhibitions were static and dull with little or no interaction with visitors. Through our research we found out that many of these visitors were high-schoolers, but most of them were "forced" visitors. Our problem statement sounded like:

"How can we make the exhibition more immersive and engaging using interactive technologies?"

The concept

We came up with an idea for an app that is both entertaining, educational and gives a meaningful experience for both kids and adults. The interactive learning app is an extension of and adds an extra layer to the exhibition itself.

Target audience

We used the existing data from the museum, and also interviewed the people there. We narrowed it down to two segments which we created a persona for.

The first being high-schoolers on a school trip, and the second being parents who loves to explore at a museum, but also takes the children with them.


In the moodboard phase we drew some inspiration for the concept—we especially took inspiration from the very popular mobile game "Fun Ways to Die"

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