March 2, 2022

What You Consume, Determines What You Create


Posted by Sharmarke Hujale


1 min read

"Your environment, the people you surround yourself with, and the information that you intake, all shape your lens on life and what you make it." — Matthew Encina

What environment are you in?

What friendships do you have?

Who are the people you surround yourself with?

What information do you take in?

All of these elements shape you in how you look at the world—and yourself.

So have do you view yourself?

How do you look at the world?

If you surround yourself with good people who want the best for you and want to see you grow—those are the people you want in your life.

In your childhood, you get influenced by your parents—and it's only natural since you're in their care 24/7.

But as you grow older, you get other inputs which are the environment you're in, the friendships and people you make in your life, and what you learn.

At the end of it all.

You are in CONTROL of what you consume, the environment you surround yourself with, and the information that you take in.

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