April 20, 2023

Your Words Shape Your Reality


Posted by Sharmarke Hujale


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You constantly tell yourself the story of not being good enough, that you’re not competent, and you actually start to believe that. And when you start to believe that. It’s going to affect your behavior.

I watched a talk from Chris Do the CEO of TheFutur titled What Your Believe Become Your Reality.I watched it back in 2019 when it was released, but I accidentally stumbled upon it again in 2023.

Do you know the feeling when you have seen a video before, and when you see it again after some time (some years), it feels like you are watching it for the first time? That’s exactly how I felt when I re-watched the video.

What I have forgotten was that the story I have been telling myself lately didn’t match what others are saying about me. Maybe that’s why the video felt new to me — because I needed it, without knowing that I needed it.

And others = people who care about me, believe in me, support me, and want to see me grow. That comes from family members, friends, mentors, and teachers.

We all have a choice. We can choose to interpret how others see us as either the real us or an imposter. It all comes down to limiting beliefs. I love how Chris Do describes limiting beliefs in his video as lies we tell ourselves.

Shifting the Mindset

It all comes down to mindset. When we are met with a NO, we can choose to interpret it as a closed door. Or we can see it as NO = Next Opportunity.

Introspection can also help by looking back at our lives, and seeing what we have been through, and what we have accomplished. We are a forgetful species. By going about our day-to-day lives, we tend to forget the bigger picture.

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”, says Jack Canfield. And what if we saw fear as Fantasized Experience Appearing Real — it hasn’t happened, yet we are crippled to take action.

What we think affects what we say, what we say influences what we do, and what we do ultimately becomes behavior. It can become a vicious cycle if our mind is filled with pessimism and negativity. And on the flip side, it can become a good cycle if our mind is filled with hope and optimism.

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