Nourishing the Love and Maintain the Relationship

Dear A'dore

Dear A’dore is a startup business in the beauty industry that provides 100% natural products without any chemicals in gift baskets for special events such as weddings and births. Their beauty products range from perfume oil, musk to cream.

For them, it’s not just about the product but also about the experience of receiving a gift from someone you love very much.

The Challenge

The most challenging part of the project was to come up with a name that fits the company’s goals and their target audience as well as come up with an identity system that is functional and versatile through multiple media.

The Outcome

Through a brainstorming round, the name Dear A’dore stood out the most. It came through combining different keywords and alter them a bit. The name was both catchy and suited perfectly with the brand’s personality as it is about cherishing and treasuring the one who receives the gift.

Brand Key Words

Words like community, compassion, warmth and love were the key insights we gathered in order to craft the brand that would fit their personality.


A simple message when you receive a gift from Dear A'dore - rejoice. The feeling of receiving gifts on special occasions from people who love is a special experience.

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