September 7, 2021

The Power of WHY


Posted by Sharmarke Hujale


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When we define ourselves with what we do, we are limiting ourselves to the endless possibilities at our disposal.

You have probably seen Simon Sinek's famous Ted Talk video about his Golden Circle, and why some businesses succeed while others don't.

His concept of the Golden Circle has been used as a famous tool in the business and marketing world. Despite its popularity, The concept of the Golden Circle has also dealt with criticism.

But one thing I have noticed for those who have criticized the concept has always been based on his Ted Talk. Meaning not investing enough time and energy in going deeper with it.

The concept of WHY is not something new, it's not something you invent. It's something you discover. It's the thing that fuels you when you need inspiration and direction. You could also say your WHY = your passion.

By discovering your WHY, you're not defining yourself by a specific title or label. Your WHY encompasses everything that you do, not just for businesses.

My WHY is to inspire people in meaningful ways so that, we can be open to a world of possibilities. Through that WHY, many possibilities are open. As a husband, brother, son, friend, or colleague—the setting doesn't matter.

I don't only see myself as a designer (what I normally do), but also as a writer, creative entrepreneur, runner, type geek, bookworm, poet, and amateur photographer.

"Possibilities narrow as we slowly tie our identity to a finite catalog of specialized abilities. When something happens, and our capabilities go, so too goes our sense of self.", said Zach Mercurio in his article about how to ask more meaningful questions.

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