January 21, 2021

I Don't Only Solve Graphic Problems


Posted by Sharmarke Hujale


2 min read

We are designers. We are passionate about the things we do. 

We love to build and craft. We love to see our work have an impact on the world. 

We are the ones that bring a vision to life, visually. We want it to look and feel good. But we also hope that what we make is liked by the one we are making it for—the client. 

At times, we feel defeated when our work is not appreciated. We get told that what we make is simple—a child could do what we do. 

So, do we only exist to design graphics and visuals? 

Let’s reimagine what it means to be a designer. 

At our core—we are problem solvers. We don’t only solve problems on an aesthetic level, but also on a strategic level, on a business level. 

We are here to discover more than just your logo, identity system, or website. 

We are here to discover and uncover your true purpose—your reason for doing what you do—beyond profit-making. Your vision for the future, what your hold dear (values), and the business goals you want to accomplish. 

We care about the story you want to share with the world—to the type of customer you seek to serve and the change you want to make. 

We are here to design your strategies and plans for the change you want to make—with purpose and meaning.  

We love to explore possibilities. We have the ability to evoke emotions through the work that we do. 

The art is not to only solve your problem on an aesthetic level, but to look at it from a holistic point of view.

As a designer, I’m more interested to know what motivates you to do business—beyond selfish or shallow reasons. 

What’s the underlying reason for starting the business? What change do you seek to make and for who?

Design is about people. Design is human-centered, not ego-centered. It’s about the people you want to create a change for. 

The values you hold dear. The beliefs that you have. The story you want to tell—is for the people that it resonates with. 

We use design as a means to connect people. But we can’t do that unless we also know the purpose of your business, the people you want to serve, and the story you want to tell. 

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