February 2, 2020

Introversion Became My Strength


Posted by Sharmarke Hujale


3 min read

Yes, you heard it right. My introversion became my strength.

I used to believe that introverts were those kinds of people who would have a hard time because they are less socially “aggressive” compared to extroverts.

You probably have heard it before or something similar to it. That if you're an introvert by nature. That you aren’t going to make it in society. But who defines whether or not it's possible?

Some of the famous leaders are introverts, and that includes people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, and Steven Spielberg.

For me personally, it’s how we look at it. Do we see introversion as a strength or a weakness? For the longest time, I felt that we only focused so much on extroversion, rather than appreciate what introverts have to offer.

I’m the kind of person who appreciates and enjoys my alone time. It’s in those moments where I can reflect deeply, recollect my thoughts and write them down. Just like this one I’m writing. By doing so, helps me to be better prepared and brings creativity and ideas.

By thinking before I speak. I have naturally grown the habit of listening attentively to people when they speak to me. It made me a better listener, and I didn’t even realize that skill until recently.

There was an article I came across which was about “extroverted introvert”. Never heard a term like that. Never knew something like that ever existed.

Being an extroverted introvert means that our energy level depends on the environment we are in. I do enjoy meeting new people and interacting with them.

But do you know the feeling as you get busier through the week, and you have this feeling of wanting to recharge either alone or with just one person? That’s the introvert side of us that is kicking in.

Naturally, introverts are also shy and quiet at first glance. That’s at least what to be believed, right?

I might come across as being quiet for some people I meet for the first time. But as I get comfortable, I won’t have any trouble chatting. It’s like the more you get to know me. The more “extroverted” I seem to like. Some of you reading this can maybe recognize this.

Introverts are known for not being the best small talkers. To some extent it’s true. It depends on the environment. But I learned that doing those trivial small talk can lead to bigger and more meaningful conversations.

It may not be easy as we introverts have this energy “barometer” that we are trying to preserve at all cost.

I embrace the introversion side of me. I see it as a gift, and not as a barrier. All people are different. My traits such as being more reflective, a better listener, calmer in situations of chaos, and be observant of my surroundings come from my introversion. It has helped me both in my personal life as well as my creative pursuits.

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