July 7, 2023

Helping Out a Friend


Posted by Sharmarke Hujale


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Sharing Knowledge: The Ripple Effect

I believe that when we reach a certain level of experience and competence. We get caught up in our progress and achievements. But the beauty that lies within acquiring skills and knowledge is the ability to share them with people and help them rise too. That’s something I want to do more of. It’s fulfilling to me.

Helping my friend wasn’t just about the technical aspects of the website. Or creating an online presence. But also give them the tools and confidence they need to own their digital space.

The Process

At the beginning of the process, we started with making out prompts to be clear on what the website was supposed to do. It revolved around goals, user goals, what emotions should it evoke, and questions the website should answer. These prompts were taken from TheFutur channel from Ben Burns. This enabled us to write the copy, add content, do wireframes, and design the visuals for the website.

Gotta say when it came to doing the wireframe and visual, Figma is a real winner! It’s intuitive and easy to use in my opinion. So far the best prototype and design tool out there. And it’s FREE! If you ever want to start designing websites, I recommend learning Figma.

And course, the last thing was to build the website. For that, we were using WordPress as the CMS, with Oxygen as the website builder. The website is not done yet, but will share the result on my Twitter shortly.

The Call to Action: Share the Wisdom

I have a little challenge for you: find someone who could benefit from your skills and knowledge this month. Maybe it’s a friend who wants to start their own blog, refresh their social media, or feedback on a business idea. Share your wisdom, and see how this act of giving will enrich in return. I’d love to hear your stories.

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